Can boys and girls room together at Ohio University?

Are Ohio University dorms coed?

Ohio University will join the growing number of colleges nationwide that allow men and women to live together in select dorm rooms. Starting in the fall, OU will make coed rooms available on specific floors of three residence halls: MacKinnon, Smith and Truedley.

What colleges allow boy and girl dorms?

Also, though most shared dorm rooms are still single sex, more than 150 colleges, including Brown University, Stanford University, The University of Pennsylvania, Oberlin College, Clark University, and the California Institute of Technology now allow some or all students to share a room with anyone they choose—and we …

Can you choose your roommate at Ohio University?

Roommate requests must be mutual PRIOR to selecting a room to be successful in the roommate selection process. Only students who have finalized their housing contract (both completed and paid their deposit) can be considered for roommate matching and/or selection.

How do I request a roommate at Ohio University?

Add A Roommate

Roommate requests can be added beginning February 1, 2021, by visiting Housing Self-Service. Detailed instructions will be sent to your Ohio University email account in addition to being posted on your Housing Self-Service page.

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Can freshman have cars at Ohio University?

Transportation & Parking Services welcomes students to campus. Several permit options are available to meet student parking needs. Ohio University boasts a pedestrian friendly campus offering transportation solutions connecting users to campus, local and regional travel destinations.

Is it illegal to share a dorm with the opposite gender?

There are no state or federal laws against most opposite gender siblings sharing a room in their own home, but some institutions do regulate how spaces are shared.

Can you choose your roommate at OU?

Can I request to room with someone who is not yet accepted to OU? No, both students must be admitted to the university in order to request each other as a roommate. Students can make changes to their housing contract and add a roommate until May 1.

How much is housing at Ohio University?

The OHIO Guarantee 2019-2020 Cohort – Athens Campus

Cost of Attendance
Residence Hall $3,654 $7,308
Meal Plan $2,277 $4,554
Books/Supplies $459 $918