Can I visit Boston College campus?

Is Boston College campus open to public?

We will not be able to accommodate walk-in visitors. Campus visit appointments are limited to the registered student and a maximum of one guest so that we may maximize the number of families we can accommodate. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Is Boston College allowing visitors?

The only buildings that admission visitors may enter are Devlin Hall and the Boston College Bookstore. Masks are required to be worn in the bookstore. The information session auditorium has been set to allow for social distancing.

Can you walk around Boston College campus?

As you walk through the campus, you will notice the Gasson Quad. … This is a hub of student activity with the Boston College Bookstore, two dining halls, and the offices of many organizations, including Campus Ministry; the Heights, a student-run newspaper; and the University radio station.

Is Boston College a party school?

BC is seen as a white school lacking racial diversity as well as sexual orientation. We also have a reputation as a party school and the slogan is “work hard and party harder”. … The majority of the school is white students from generally affluent backgrounds.

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Is it harder to get into Northeastern or Boston College?

Is Boston College (BC) or Northeastern University (NU) Harder to get into? … If you’re looking at acceptance rate alone, then Northeastern University (NU) is more difficult to get into. However, each college is looking to fill its incoming class with a variety of students with different strengths, backgrounds, etc.

Is Boston College better than Boston University?

While the two schools have similar acceptance rates, median numbers, and tuition rates, Boston University has significantly more undergraduate major options and a lower acceptance rate.

How religious is Boston College?

As a Jesuit, Catholic university, Boston College is rooted in the conviction that faith and reason are mutually illuminating and that each discipline offers the potential to reveal the sacred.

Does Boston College give good financial aid?

Furthermore, Boston College has a strong financial aid program. The lower your income is, the more help you can expect to receive in need-based grants. Because it’s not a top-tier program, you may still have to find other ways of paying, like taking student loans or working, but you can expect to receive good support.

Does Boston College give merit scholarships?

Boston College is committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of every admitted student, and therefore we offer a limited number of merit scholarships. In fact, the Presidential Scholarship is our only academic merit-based scholarship, covering full tuition for 18 qualified applicants each year.

Are colleges giving tours?

With vaccinations in full force and cases on the decline, many have resumed in-person campus tours. Unsurprisingly, most of the institutions open for visits have safe practices in place, so make sure you’ve satisfied the requirements prior to visiting.

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Can you tour a college by yourself?

Once you’ve completed the usual round of campus-visit activities, you’re free to explore on your own. Keep in mind, however, that some spaces on campus may not be open to the public, and that you’ll need to be respectful of the students, staff, and faculty going about their daily lives.