Quick Answer: What college or university has the largest endowment?

What University has the largest endowment fund?

10 Universities With the Biggest Endowments

Princeton University (NJ) $25,944,300,000 1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology $18,381,518,000 2 (tie)
University of Pennsylvania $14,877,363,000 8
Texas A&M University $12,720,529,611 68 (tie)

What is a good endowment for a college?

The median endowment at private nonprofit four-year colleges and universities is roughly $37.1 million, which at a typical spending rate of about 4 to 5 percent would support an annual expenditure of between $1,484,000 and $1,855,000.

Why is Georgetown’s endowment so small?

Georgetown University, ranked 20 on the U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 Best National Universities, has the lowest endowment of the top 20 universities listed. … Moore said in an interview with The Hoya the primary reason students do not attend Georgetown is because of a lack of financial support.

How much is Harvard worth?

The university in the United States with the largest endowment market value in 2020 was Harvard University, with an endowment fund value of about 40.58 billion U.S. dollars.

What is considered a large college endowment?

U.S. colleges and universities maintain some of the largest endowments in the world, and make up the strong majority of educational institutions with endowments greater than $1 billion. In 2005, the endowment table below totaled $219.37 billion.

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