Did Liberty University cancel graduation?

When was Liberty University’s graduation?

The main ceremony still stream online at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 15.

How many graduation ceremonies does Liberty University have?

The stages are being set at Williams Stadium and the Academic Lawn for the two venues to host a total of 25 in-person degree presentation ceremonies in Liberty University’s 48th Commencement exercises, starting Tuesday and running through Saturday.

Does Liberty University have a winter graduation?

As usual, there will be no ceremony for Liberty University students finishing their degrees in December. December graduates who stay and begin their careers in the Lynchburg area, usually attend the graduation celebrations. …

Does Liberty University have graduation for online students?

Liberty University Online Academy is excited to celebrate our 2021 Graduates in-person, as well as virtually.

How long does it take to confer a degree at Liberty University?

Diplomas are processed within 2-4 weeks of degree conferral. After processing, diplomas are delivered within 1-2 weeks. This means a diploma will be delivered within 3-6 weeks from the date of conferral.

What is conferral of degree?

requirements and your record is sealed in a graduated status.

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