Frequent question: Are Open University students exempt from council tax?

Do open uni students have to pay council tax?

Your property is ‘exempt’ from council tax if it’s only occupied by full-time university or college students. Student halls of residence are automatically exempt.

Is Open University classed as full-time?

All OU students are considered part-time students. That means, even if you choose to study at full-time equivalent intensity, you’ll be a part-time student and your eligibility to claim existing state benefits and/or to fund your studies with a Part-Time Tuition Fee loan will usually be unaffected.

Are university students exempt from tax?

If you’re a full-time student and you live with only one other person and they are not a full-time student, you are still exempt from paying the council tax. The other person is liable to pay but will qualify for a 25% discount called a ‘single person’s discount’.

Do you get a student discount card with Open University?

As an OU student, you are eligible to purchase a TOTUM card, powered by the National Union of Students (NUS). With the TOTUM card, you will have access to an ever-expanding range of discounted deals from food, essentials, tech, travel to home delivery, fashion, beauty and a whole lot more…

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What happens if I fail a module Open University?

If you’re not successful in passing your module, you won’t be able to re-submit your assignments, but you may be offered the opportunity to resit your exam or submit another end-of-module assessment.

Is Open University degree valid?

Yes, Open University Degrees like IGNOU, YCMOU, KSOU, Dr.BR Ambedkar Open University etc., are valid for Government Jobs and Further Studies.

Can you work full time and do Open University?

Open University studies are flexible in many ways, not least their portability and accessibility. With us, you can study full time and part time; from home and work and on the move; on paper, on screen, online and on mobile devices.

Can Student Finance pay for 2 degrees?

A second degree loan is a tuition fee loan given to those who already have a degree, but are now looking to obtain one in a different subject. Second degree loans are not available for all subjects – they must be included on a list of subjects, pre-approved by the Government.

Do international students pay council tax?

International or not, all students are exempt from paying council tax (an annual charge on domestic dwellings that contribute towards public services). If you’re living in University-owned accommodation or are in a property occupied only by full-time students, then you don’t have to pay council tax.

What is full time student?

Generally, a full-time student is a student enrolled in at least 12 credit hours at a post-secondary academic institution. However, some schools consider full-time to be at least 9 credit hours.

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Do I need to register for council tax as a student?

Households with students

Before claiming a discount, all student households need to register with us for Council Tax and provide student registration details. If everyone living in your property is a full time student, none of you have to pay Council Tax during your course dates.