How do I contact LaGuardia Community College?

What is LaGuardia email?

Your student email address is your

Is LaGuardia library open?

Library Status

The physical Library is OPEN for limited in-person services. We also offer full remote services for our patrons.

Is LaGuardia Community College free?

LaGuardia CARES (College Access for Retention and Economic Success) connects students with resources, referrals and local community services to overcome financial barriers, stay in school and graduate. … All of our services are free for LaGuardia students and their immediate family members.

What GPA do you need to get into LaGuardia Community College?

Admission Requirements

To take an online class, a student must have completed at least one semester at LaGuardia and achieved a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better on all college-level work.

How do I access my CUNY email?

Access CUNY Office 365 at and log in with your CUNYFirst log-in credentials.

  1. Your email address is your, for example:
  2. Use your CUNYFirst password.

Is LaGuardia Community College a good school?

LaGuardia ranked #5 among U.S. two-year colleges in economic mobility – moving low-income people to the middle class and beyond – in a Stanford University study. LaGuardia students are 45% more likely to transfer to a 4-year college than community college students nationally.

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Is LaGuardia Community College a 4-year school?

to a 4-year college than community college students nationally. colleges, and has garnered major support from leading foundations such as Goldman Sachs, Bill and Melinda Gates, Robin Hood, Kresge, Ford, Henry Luce, Carroll and Milton Petrie, and Mellon.

Is CUNY free in 2021?

We’ve made college tuition-free for middle class New Yorkers. … Under this groundbreaking program, more than 940,000 middle-class families and individuals making up to $125,000 per year will qualify to attend college tuition-free at all CUNY and SUNY two- and four-year colleges in New York State.

How much does LaGuardia High School cost?

Exclusions: What Other Spending is not Included in the Per Pupil Amounts Shown Above?

Excluded Expenditures NYC Chancellor’s Office
2. Charter School Tuition $2,014,604,981.00
3. Other Tuition $2,051,674,299.00
4. Debt Service $2,649,286,060.00
5. Other $1,029,946,672.00

Does LaGuardia Community College require SAT scores?

SAT Scores you need to get in

At present, there is no concrete information available regarding the average SAT score or similar requirements for admission at the CUNY LaGuardia Community College. At the university, SAT scores of the candidates are not a mandatory requirement to get admission.