How do students use seesaw at home?

How do you use a Seesaw at home?

Email/Google Account Student Sign In (for Classroom and Home)

  1. Open the Seesaw Class app.
  2. Tap ‘I’m a Student. ‘
  3. If using free Seesaw, type the Class Join code from the teacher and tap ‘Go. …
  4. If using Seesaw for Schools, students tap ‘Sign In with Google’ or type in their school email and password to sign in.

How can a student Seesaw?

If you have an existing class, and would like to enable Sample Student: Login to Seesaw as a teacher. Tap the wrench icon (top right). In the ‘Students’ section, toggle on ‘Enable Sample Student.

Can students see each other’s work in seesaw?

If you want students to be able to see journals, you have two options: Turn ‘Students can see each other’s work’ ON. Students can see their own journal (and other journals in your class). Tap wrench icon > scroll down and turn ON ‘Students can see each other’s work’.

Can you do live lessons on seesaw?

You can engage with both students and parents and access a global library of ready made activities, lessons and much more. Learn how to use this tool with Sumedha Sodhi in this Live Class.

Can students use seesaw on a laptop?

Seesaw works on every device type! The Seesaw Class and Family apps are available on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. You can also use Seesaw on the web using a computer or Chromebook on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser.

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Can Seesaw students see journals?

Journals are only accessible to teachers, students in the class, and a student’s family if the teacher chooses to invite them. Links to Seesaw journal posts can only be accessed if shared by a teacher, family, or student account.