How long should student records be kept?

How long do university keep student records?

2.2 As a student may continue to study throughout their life, certain records will be kept for 120 years from date of birth to cover this eventuality. In general, most records relating to the student relationship will be deleted after 6 years from completing an individual module.

Do universities keep student records?

Academic Schools keep student files for no less than 6 years after a student has left their course to provide detailed records which may be used in the event of a claim made by the student. These can also be used to provide personal references during this time.

Where are students records kept?

Education records may also be located at the local school district of a school that the student attends or attended. It may be possible that education records on a student are also located at a State office that oversees local school districts.

Do schools keep records of past students UK?

However, schools may decide to keep them permanently in order to help with enquiries from ex-pupils. Primary schools only retain pupil records while the pupil remains at the school, then the record follows the pupil to secondary school. Secondary schools keep the records for 25 years after the pupil’s date of birth.

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Do schools keep permanent records?

Some records created and kept by public schools have permanent value and will be retained as part of the State’s official archives. These records are known as ‘State archives’ and must not be destroyed. All school records dating from before 1900 are required as State archives.

What is the usual retention period for student files in secondary schools?

Admission Registers Yes Date of last entry in the book (or file) + 6 years Retain in the school for 6 years from the date of the last entry. Pupil files Yes Retain for the time which the pupil remains at the primary school Transfer to the secondary school (or other primary school) when the child leaves the school.

Do middle schools keep records?

Some schools (especially elementary, middle schools, and junior highs) only keep student records for a few years. After that, those records are sent to the high school, the district, or the state archives. Check the high school that the student would have attended, even if they didn’t actually attend.

Why do schools need to keep records?

When it comes to pupils, schools must keep records in order to monitor their progress and achievements, as well as to ensure that concerns about their safety and welfare are recorded.