How many black students attend UT Austin?

How many international students go to UT Austin?

Currently, there are 3,139 international graduate students enrolled at the university. International students account for 29.5 percent of the 10,636 total graduate students enrolled.

Is University of Texas a party school?

At its heart, UT is viewed as a party school dominated by Greeks. To a very large degree, this is true – frat parties are often the most visible events if you don’t bother to look, but there are plenty of other parties going on as well in the surrounding apartments.

What percent of UT Austin is in state?

Student profile

Student Enrollment, Fall 2020 City of Austin, July 2019 State of Texas, July 2019
20% 8% 5%
5% 8% 13%
23% 34% 40%

Is UT Austin an elite school?

UT-Austin remains one of the nation’s elite public universities, ranking No. 13 in the United States among public schools. UT also ranked No. 176 among best value schools in the influential rankings from U.S. News and No.

Is UT Austin a Tier 1 school?

UT-Austin, Texas A&M, Rice University, UT-El Paso and the University of Houston are also considered Carnegie Tier One universities.

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