How many community colleges are in Arkansas?

Does Arkansas have a community college?

Attend college in Arkansas in one of its 30 colleges and universities. … The city of Little Rock is surrounded by a variety of great colleges, including the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

How many colleges and universities are in Arkansas?

College and Universities

The State of Arkansas is home to over 40 institutions of higher education, including 10 four-year universities, 22 two-year colleges, 12 private universities and 1 academic health center.

Which college best describe as a 2 year college in Arkansas?

Freshman: Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas is an excellent two year college!

Which state has the most community colleges?

Number of Institutions

  • Across the United States there are 1,462 community colleges. Of these, 1,047 are public institutions and 415 private. ( …
  • In 2000-01 the states with the largest number of public community colleges were California, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, and New York. (

What colleges in Arkansas offer a bachelor’s degree?

Ranking Top 20 Best Affordable Bachelor’s Degree Colleges in Arkansas

  • University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. …
  • Arkansas State University. …
  • University of Central Arkansas. …
  • Southern Arkansas University. …
  • Williams Baptist University. …
  • Arkansas Baptist College. …
  • Ecclesia College. …
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Does NWACC have dorms?

NWACC is considered a “Commuter College” which means we do not have on-campus dorms for students. Despite that problem, we have a vast International student body with more than 90+ different countries being represented on-campus.

What is the best college to go to in Arkansas?

Here are the best colleges in Arkansas

  • University of Arkansas.
  • Harding University.
  • Hendrix College.
  • Ouachita Baptist University.
  • University of the Ozarks.
  • John Brown University.
  • University of Arkansas–Pine Bluff.
  • Philander Smith College.

Can you get an associate’s degree at the University of Arkansas?

The college offers both technical certification and associate’s degrees, and collaborates with other colleges and universities to offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees on its three campuses.

What is the biggest community college in the US?

The Maricopa County Community College District in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area, is the largest community college district in the United States in terms of enrollment.

Which states do not have community colleges?

As a result of the unique state evolution, community colleges vary widely in the forms of local governance: Colleges in several states do not have local governing boards (except perhaps local advisory boards) (Alaska, Connecticut, Minnesota, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, and South Carolina, as examples).