How many students spend more than 5 hours watching TV?

How many student spend more than 5 hours in watching TV?

Answer: (i) The maximum number of student watch TV for 4 to 5 hours. (ii) 4 + 8 + 22 = 34 students watch TV for less than 4 hours. (iii) 8 + 6 = 14 students spend more than 5 hours in watching TV.

How many students watched TV for less than 4 hours?

From the given graph, we know that the number of students watched TV for less than 4 hours is the bars on the left of 4 on the hours of TV watched per day axis. This implies that 34 students watched TV for less than 4 hours.

How many hours per week do students watch television?

Summary: While most teenagers (60 percent) spend on average 20 hours per week in front of television and computer screens, a third spend closer to 40 hours per week, and about 7 percent are exposed to more than 50 hours of “screen-time” per week, according to a new study.

How much time do college students spend watching TV?

A new study reveals that college students watch an average of three hours, 41 minutes of television each day. Viewing peaks in the late-night hours for college males, interrupting any cramming for exams, according to a report by Nielsen Media Research, the primary service for measuring TV audiences.

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How many hours do you watch TV in a day?

On average, Americans aged 18 and older spend more than four hours a day watching TV, still beating the three hours and 45 minutes they interact with their smartphone on an average day by roughly half an hour.

On which day were the maximum number of student present?

On which day were the maximum number of students present? (d) Saturday.

Is TV still popular?

Daily TV Viewing Has Fluctuated in Recent Years

Daily viewership might not be drastically increasing, but it’s far from dropping significantly. According to Nielsen in its 2020 Total Audience Report, TV viewing among adults ages 18 and older dropped 5% in Q4 2020 compared to 2018. However, it was up from 2019.

How much TV does the average person watch UK 2020?

UK adults spent nearly a third of their waking hours watching TV and online video content in 2020, according to a report from regulator Ofcom. Screen time, spurred on by pandemic lockdowns, was a daily average of five hours and 40 minutes, up 47 minutes on the previous year.

How much time does the average teenager spend watching TV?

Adolescents aged 9-14 spend over 20 percent of waking hours watching television, compared to 9 percent on hobbies and 3.5 percent on homework. The average American teen spends about 20 hours a week watching television, with the heaviest viewers coming from low-income households.

How much TV should a teenager watch?

While experts recommend limiting TV watching to one or two hours a day, many teenagers watch at least three hours a day.

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How much time do we spend looking at screens?

All together, Americans are spending a whopping 17 hours and nine minutes looking at digital devices each day, according to the study. Over a full year, that adds up to just over 6,259 hours of total screen time.