Is Manhattan College Worth the money?

Is Manhattan College competitive?

Average ACT: 26

The average ACT score at Manhattan College is 26. This score makes Manhattan College Moderately Competitive for ACT scores. The 25th percentile ACT score is 23, and the 75th percentile ACT score is 28.

Does Manhattan College give money?

We offer a number of scholarships, grants and special programs for qualified students to help you pay for the cost of attending Manhattan College. … All students are automatically considered for need-based grants, as well as our merit-based scholarships, which are awarded for academic excellence.

Is Manhattan College in a safe area?

Manhattan College offers a safe campus environment and 24/7 patrol by Public Safety officers.

Is Manhattan College very religious?

Who We Are. Manhattan College was founded in 1853 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, a Catholic teaching order started by Saint John Baptist de La Salle. The Lasallian mission drives our focus on quality education for all and service to our neighbors in need.

How much is housing at Manhattan College?

Room and Board fees per semester for 2021-2022 are as follows:

Room & Board – Ultimate Plan (per semester) $8,950
Room & Board – Overlook Plan (per semester) $8,435
Single Room Surcharge (per semester) $2,810
12-Month Housing (additonal charge for summer) $3,900
Intersession Residency Charge (on-campus programs) $350 per week
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