Is UCLA more prestigious than Berkeley?

Is UCLA ranked higher than UC Berkeley?

As a public university, UC Berkeley ranked first globally, with the University of Washington in Seattle in 10th place and UCLA in 13th. UCSF and UC San Diego placed 15th and 16th.

Is Berkeley or UCLA harder?

It is harder to admit to UCLA than UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley has a higher submitted SAT score (1,415) than UCLA (1,415). … UCLA has more students with 44,537 students while UC Berkeley has 42,501 students.

Is Berkeley better than Stanford?

Stanford University is a Private (not-for-profit) and UC Berkeley is a Public school and both are 4 or more years schools.

Stanford University vs UC Berkeley.

Stanford University vs. UC Berkeley
$47,106 Average Amount of Financial Aid $18,993
4.73 % Acceptance Rates 17.11 %
81.53 % Yield (Enrollment Rates) 43.84 %
1,505 SAT Score 1,430

Why is Berkeley so expensive?

Berkeley has a population of 30.5 percent students. … For campus associate professor of city and regional planning Malo Hutson, the reason for Berkeley’s status as such an expensive location rests on the lack of housing available in the area, which is tied to the larger statewide housing shortage.

Is UCLA a Tier 1 school?

The charts provide a snapshot of UCLA’s standing in these rankings vis-à-vis other top-tier research universities, both public and private. UCLA is No. 1 among public universities and is tied for 19th among all national universities in the USN&WR Best Colleges rankings.

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