Is University of Detroit Mercy Catholic?

Is University of Detroit Mercy safe?

Detroit Mercy campuses are among the safest in the state. At Detroit Mercy we are concerned about the safety of our entire community and understand that being safe means different things to different people. Some people measure safety by the amount of crime on campus.

What division is Detroit Mercy?

Is University of Detroit Mercy a HBCU?

The University of Detroit Mercy is a private, Catholic university in Detroit, Michigan, sponsored by both the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and the Religious Sisters of Mercy. Founded in 1877, it is the largest Catholic university in Michigan.

University of Detroit Mercy.

Latin: Universitas Detroitensis Misericordia

Is Detroit Mercy online?

Detroit Mercy is proud to offer online programs that allow a student like you to augment their knowledge and skills. … Detroit Mercy’s online programs are unlike other distance education experiences. The quality of the curriculum and the dedication of the faculty that teach each course is outstanding.

What happened to Detroit College of Business?

The Detroit College of Business was a four-year business college that was founded in 1962 and located in Dearborn, Michigan. In 2000, it was part of a merger with Davenport College and Great Lakes College that became Davenport University.

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