Question: How many community colleges are there in Idaho?

How many community colleges are in Idaho?

For the 2021-22 school year, there are 6 community colleges serving 67,968 students in Idaho (4 public colleges and 2 private colleges). For Idaho community colleges, the average tuition is approximately $3,634 per year for in-state students and $7,627 for out-of-state students.

Is College of Idaho a community college?

The College of Idaho (C of I) is a private liberal arts college in Caldwell, Idaho. Founded in 1891, it is the state’s oldest private liberal arts college and has an enrollment of 1,000 students.

College of Idaho.

Former names Albertson College of Idaho (1991–2007)
Administrative staff 282
Undergraduates 964 (Fall 2019)

What is Idaho known for?

Idaho is as well known for its potatoes, trout and precious stones as it is for its unspoiled, rugged landscapes.

Are there schools in Idaho?

There are 332 high schools in Idaho, made up of 297 public schools and 35 private schools. Idaho ranks as the 38th state in terms of student enrollment and 39th in terms of total number of schools. It ranks 49th for the student/teacher ratio and sits 22nd for the percentage of students on free or reduced lunches.

Is Boise State a good school?

Within Idaho, Boise State Offers Average Quality for a High Price. Boise State University is ranked #4 out of #8 in Idaho for quality and #5 out of #7 for Idaho value. This makes it average quality that is overpriced in the state.

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