Quick Answer: How many people get into Edinburgh University?

How many people go to Edinburgh University?

University of Edinburgh

Latin: Universitas Academica Edinburgensis
Students 35,375 (2019/20)
Undergraduates 23,060 (2019/20)
Postgraduates 12,310 (2019/20)
Location Edinburgh , Scotland, UK Coordinates: 55°56′50.6″N 3°11′13.9″W

How prestigious is University of Edinburgh?

The latest international university rankings have reaffirmed Edinburgh’s position as a leading global institution. The QS World University Rankings 2020 have placed the University 20th in the world. Edinburgh is once again fifth in the UK, the highest position of any Scottish university.

Which university is better Edinburgh or St Andrews?

Is St Andrews better than Edinburgh University? St Andrews has the highest ranked university and the highest density of pubs but no night club other than the student union. Highest ranked by some measures – it generally does better in the UK rankings but tends to be far behind Edinburgh in the world rankings.

Is Edinburgh safe?

Edinburgh is a safe city with a low crime rate, but it is still important that you pay attention to your personal safety. You should be aware of the laws in the UK and Scotland while you are living here.

How much does it cost to apply to University of Edinburgh?

We do not charge a fee for you to apply for admission.

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