Quick Answer: How much is a semester at CNM?

How many credits is full-time at CNM?

Full-time Status

Definition – A schedule of 12 or more credit hours per term.

How much does a semester at PCC cost?

Tuition per semester is $3,660. Annual tuition may be paid in ten payments of $732 each.

What GPA do you need to get into CNM?

A high school diploma with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. ACT or SAT scores. PARCC scores of 4 or 5 at grade 11. A transcript with college coursework from another institution.

How long is a term at CNM?

Returning Title IV Funds for Part of Term Classes

Part of Term classes are classes that do not span the entire length of the standard 15 week term.

How many times can you take a class at CNM?

Course Repetition Limit

Students may, in most cases, attempt the same course two times without restriction.

How do I drop out of CNM?

Students who wish to withdraw completely from CNM must officially drop all their classes. Classes can be dropped in many ways; Online: Please view the Registration Guidelines for a step by step instruction on how to drop classes online. Over the phone: Call 224-3160 to speak to a Records & Registration specialist.

Is PCC tuition free?

Under the program, students who meet eligibility requirements will receive one year of their PCC education completely free of tuition fees. Any student who graduates from a high school within PCC’s district and enrolls the Fall Semester after graduation will qualify for the program.

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