Quick Answer: What is UCF PID number?

Is UCF PID same as NID?

Confused about your PID and NID? NID is used for wireless access and computer labs. PID is used for off campus library access, webcourses, myUCF, online registration, class schedule, and viewing grades and fee schedules.

What is my UCF employee ID number?

Your UCF ID is the number you will use to identify yourself when you call or visit offices across campus, including Undergraduate Admissions. To obtain your UCF ID, go to myUCF, log in using your NID and password, click Student Self Service > Personal Information >UCF ID Info.

How do I find my Ucfid?

How to get your UCFID and NID. Go to https://my.ucf.edu. Beneath the login button, click on the link “What are my UCFID and NID?”. On the next screen, enter your Social Security Number and birth date in YYMMDD format.

How do I get a UCF card?

UCF student ID cards are provided at most UCF campuses. Complete information for obtaining a card by mail can be found online at UCF Card for Distance Learners (http://www.ucfcard.ucf.edu/ – look for information in FAQ) or you can contact the UCF Card Office at (407) 823-2100.

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How do I find my ucf GPA?

STEP 1 Go to my.ucf.edu and log in with your NID credentials STEP 2 Click on Academic Resources and then click on GPA Estimator. STEP 3 Use the information from your most recent UCF Cumulative GPA to fill in credit hours and GPA.

How do I check my waitlist at ucf?

Where can I find my waitlist position number? From my.ucf.edu > Student Self Service > Student Center, click on the dropdown for ‘other academics’ and click on ‘Class Schedule’. You will see which classes you are waitlisting and your position on the waitlist.

What is Empl ID UCF?

Your UCF ID (also called student ID or employee ID, depending on context) is the one on your student ID that consists of seven numbers. Your PID is the first letter of your first name followed by your UCF ID.

How do I log into UCF WIFI?


  1. Bring up your list of available wireless networks.
  2. Select “UCF_WPA2″ and click the “Connect” button underneath.
  3. Enter your NID for the username and NID Password for the password; then click OK.
  4. Click “Connect” when the warning displays about “Windows can’t verify the server’s identity”

How do I register for classes at UCF?

Go to https://my.ucf.edu.

  1. Log into myUCF using your PID and password.
  2. On the left hand menu, click on Student Self Service..
  3. Select Enroll from your Student Center.
  4. Select Term for which you want to register.
  5. Enter Class Number if you know the Class Number OR select Search to Find Classes.

How do I find my UCF PID?

What is my UCF ID (PID)?

  1. Sign on to my.ucf.edu.
  2. Click on Student Self Service.
  3. Click on Personal Information.
  4. Click on UCFID Info.
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How do I download my unofficial transcript from UCF?

Unofficial transcripts are available through FloridaShines by going to Check Your Progress. NOTE: Some schools, such as University of Central Florida (UCF), only provide transcripts to students actively enrolled. If your school is not listed, you should contact your school’s registrar.

Can I get my UCF ID online?

For your convenience, you may obtain your first card or a replacement card at the Card Services office on the Main UCF Campus, or at any of the UCF Connect Centers listed. Online students or distance learners that are not located near any of the UCF Connect Centers may request their card by mail here.

Does UCF require a meal plan?

All Dining Memberships are voluntary, providing an open access community atmosphere that give members the opportunity to study, socialize and maintain a healthy diet. All Members will receive value, whether you eat on campus three times a week or three times a day! Not interested in a dining membership?

How much is a new UCF ID?

There is a $15 replacement fee every time you replace your ID. Since your Knight Cash is linked to the Online Account, it will remain protected and will be available on your replacement card. If you find a UCF Card, please drop it off at the UCF Card Services office in the John T.