Should you let your students follow you on Instagram?

Should I let students follow me on Instagram?

Your teacher’s instagram should be set to private. He shouldn’t accept a follow request from you. It’s not illegal as such, but would be seen as a breach of the professional standards teachers are supposed to hold themselves to, and likely your school’s social media policy.

Should students follow teachers on social media?

The short answer is: No. Teachers and students should not connect on any online platforms, except for school-provided or required software.

Is it weird to follow your professor on Instagram?

I’m going to assume that if you allow your professor to follow you in Instagram you probably aren’t posting risky stuff, so just keep on keeping on. … Most professors don’t actually use most of the platforms you do, and following you on any of them is mostly their way of commenting on how likable you are.

Can students benefit from Instagram?

Students can use Instagram to enhance learning and impact the education sector with positive results at the end of each course program. It is not all about socializing and making new friends. If you want to use the platform for knowledge sharing and helping other students, it is achievable through Instagram.

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Can teachers be fired for social media posts?

To answer the question above, “can teachers be fired for social media posts?” The short answer is yes. Every employer has their own rules and if you agree to work there, must be aware of them and respect each of those policies.

Can teachers add ex students on social media?

When it comes to personal social media use by staff, most schools prohibit staff from making or accepting friend requests from current students for very good reason. … Indeed, the same can be said of personal – rather than online – friendships between staff and recent ex-students.

Why teachers should not be friends with students?

When you use slang or try to be cool or become overly familiar, they’ll lose respect for you. Your influence comes from your position as their teacher, not their friend. They’ll stop listening to you. Becoming too informal or casual in your interactions with students will weaken the power of your words.

Why can’t teachers be friends with students on social media?

Teachers and students shouldn’t be friends on Facebook because of privacy, harassment, age appropriate posts, expectations, prejudice, and personal activities. … A Facebook friendship may cause a teacher to see the student in a whole different light than they did in the classroom previously.

What is an inappropriate student teacher relationship?

Inappropriate teacher-student relationships occur when certain boundaries are crossed by teachers, administrators, coaches, and their students and athletes.

Should professors be friends with students on Facebook?

Understand your motives for friending students: Many professors become friends with students on Facebook so that they seem more accessible and to encourage intelligent discussion. If you want your students to continue to view you as a more conservative professor, don’t bring any relationships online.

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Do teachers search up their students?

Yes — provided you’re not a student. If you’re in a school environment, teachers and administrators can search without either permission or a warrant. Even so, students still have rights, and knowing which searches are illegal might just save your child some time in front of the school board.