What city has most universities?

What is the safest university in England?

Here are the top ten safest places in the UK to live and study ranked on safety and levels of crime.

  • Reading. …
  • York. …
  • Edinburgh. …
  • Coventry. Credit: Times Higher Education. …
  • Aberystwyth. Credit: Aberystwyth University Homepage. …
  • Surrey. Credit: Surrey Live. …
  • St Andrews. Credit: University of St Andrews Website. …
  • Bath. Credit: AHR Website.

Which cities have the most university students?

London is the most popular destination for students, followed by Sydney, Melbourne and Manchester in second, third and fourth place respectively, according to research by Student.com.

How much of Boston is college students?

Enrollment, Employment and Economic Impact

— Boston is the location for 35 colleges, universities, and community colleges. 1 — there are about 152,000 students at Boston’s institutions of higher learning. While Boston comprises 10% of the state’s total population, it has 34% of the state’s total college enrollment.

Which is the roughest city in England?

1. Westminster (Total Number of Crimes: 49,400; Crime Rate per 1,000 People: 195.78)

What is the prettiest city in the UK?

Top 10 prettiest towns in the UK

  • Salcombe, Devon.
  • Cirencester, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire.
  • Bamburgh, Northumberland.
  • Whitby, North Yorkshire.
  • Rye, East Sussex.
  • Bakewell, Peak District, Derbyshire.
  • Aberaeron, Ceredigion.
  • Burford, Cotswolds, Oxfordshire.
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Where is the most depressing place to live in the UK?

On the flip side, Dudley was named the saddest place in the UK, with a happiness index score of 7.0. Nottingham and Dundee followed, scoring 7.1.