What GPA do u need to get into Southern University?

Is Southern University hard to get into?

Southern University admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 35%. Students that get into Southern University have an average SAT score between 900-1080 or an average ACT score of 17-20. The regular admissions application deadline for Southern University is rolling.

What are the requirements to get into Southern University?

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

  • Board of Regents’ Core: 19 units (list attached)
  • Minimum overall high school GPA: 2.0 (weighted average on 4.0 scale)
  • Minimum ACT sub score: English ≥18 or Math ≥19* or.
  • Minimum SAT sub score: Critical Reading ≥450 or Math ≥460-470.

How do I get a full ride to Southern University?

The student must attend college/university as a full-time undergraduate student, must submit a high school transcript with a current 2.8 GPA or higher, must submit current ACT score of 20 or higher, and provide a letter demonstrating need for financial assistance with undergraduate college/university’s tuition and fees …

Is Southern A&M test optional?

You must submit admission test scores with your application. Southern University and A & M College is not a test optional school.

Is an essay required for Southern University?

Two letters of recommendation from high school instructors, principals or counselors. Submission of an original essay on a designated topic.

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