What is considered full time student for VA benefits?

How many credit hours do you need to get full bah?

The Full Chapter 33 BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) is based on the student’s entitlement percentage. For example, if you are at 100% entitlement and you are enrolled in 12 or more undergraduate hours you will receive the full BAH amount.

What is considered full time for Chapter 35 benefits?

For full MAH, you must be full time from the beginning to the end of each semester. (At least 12 credit hours for Spring and Fall; 7 credit hours for Summer). VA pays you, you pay RRCC. Please contact the Cashier’s Office to set up a payment plan.

Is 9 credits considered full-time?

Full-time is generally a minimum of twelve credits or about four classes. Part-time is usually somewhere between six and eleven credits or two to three classes. Therefore, a full-time student spends more time in class during a semester than a part-time student.

Can I use my GI Bill as a part-time student?

Yes, you can use your GI Bill benefits for part-time studies. The GI Bill education benefits can be used when pursuing higher education at a public or private school, whether one is studying full-time or part-time.

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What is the BAH national average?

Those who are enrolled in a totally online degree program or course of education will still only be eligible for ½ the national average BAH which will go from $894.50 to $916.50 on Aug. 1. Details on Monthly Housing Allowance payments.

Do you have to pay VA back if you fail a class?

Attending Classes

Even if you are failing the course, it is best to either withdraw or continue attending the class and fail if you do not want to pay money back to VA. The VA will allow you to fail a course without having to pay money back, as long as you attended the entire semester.

Do you get Bah for part time school?

Being a Part Time student

You get your full BAH amount. However, if you are not a full time student then your BAH will be pro-rated. That is… so long as you are over at least 51% of full-time. Taking 50% or less than the credits needed to be considered full time will result in you getting no BAH!