What major city is College Station near?

Is College Station A city in Texas?

College Station, city, Brazos county, southeastern Texas, U.S. It is adjacent to the city of Bryan and lies 96 miles (154 km) northwest of Houston.

What big town is Bryan Texas near?

It is 92 miles (148 km) north-northwest of Houston, 166 miles (267 km) northeast of San Antonio and 169 miles (272 km) south of Dallas. It is 104 miles (167 km) east of Austin, the state capital of Texas. 75% of the Texas and Louisiana populations (13.1 million people) live within 3.5 driving hours of Bryan.

What is College Station address?

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: City of College Station 1101 Texas Ave. We provide the fastest updates through Facebook and Twitter.

Is College Station close to Fort Worth?

The distance between College Station and Fort Worth is 157 miles.

Is Bryan Texas a small town?

Bryan, a center for agriculture and light industry, is an average-sized town with a revitalized core and some historic interest.

What is it like to live in Bryan Texas?

Living in Bryan offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Bryan there are a lot of parks. Many families and young professionals live in Bryan and residents tend to have moderate political views.

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What towns are near Bryan?

Cities 30 miles from Bryan

  • 29 miles: Chriesman, TX.
  • 29 miles: Somerville, TX.
  • 29 miles: Anderson, TX.
  • 27 miles: Navasota, TX.
  • 26 miles: Clay, TX.
  • 25 miles: Iola, TX.
  • 25 miles: Valley Junction, TX.
  • 24 miles: North Zulch, TX.

How do I get from Austin to College Station?

There are 2 ways to get from College Station to Austin by bus or car

  1. Take the bus from Bryan to Waco “Greyhound”
  2. Take the bus from Waco to Austin “Greyhound”

Is there a train from Fort Worth to Waco?

You can take the first train from Fort Worth, TX to Waco, TX at 7: 10 PM. The last train from Fort Worth, TX to Waco, TX that you can take departs at 7: 10 PM. Omio shows you the latest train from Fort Worth, TX to Waco, TX schedule to help you book the best departure time for this trip.