What percent of college students use Macs?

What percentage of college students use Apple products?

“A survey of 880 college students conducted by Chegg found 51 percent named Apple as their preferred smartphone, tablet and laptop brand,” according to apple insider. “Apple products are hugely popular among students.

Why do most college students use MacBook?

Almost all software are compatible on PCs, but very limited to Macs. In school, 95% of computer technology uses windows operating system, rather than mac operating system. … It could be that college students are more attracted to Macs because it is user-friendlier, or more comfortable than PCs.

Are Macs OK for college?

Although colleges have computers that students can use, life is much easier if you have your own. And Apple systems are a great choice for students. MacBooks give you the freedom to work from anywhere, but iMacs and Mac minis can be good Macs for students as well.

Is the Apple watch worth it for a college student?

With an Apple Watch, you can definitely stick to it. … Case in point: the Be Focused app. Aside from managing your tasks and tracking them through a custom period, it is also designed to break up individual tasks and combine them with short breaks (a.k.a. snack time).

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Which iPad is best for students?

Best iPads for students: the list

  1. iPad Air (2020) The best iPad for students overall. …
  2. iPad Mini (6th Gen) Best iPad for note-taking and portable creative work. …
  3. iPad 10.2-inch (9th Gen) The best cheap iPad for students. …
  4. iPad Pro-12.9 inch (2021) Best elite iPad for students. …
  5. iPad Pro 11-inch (2021)

Why do students prefer Macbooks?

According to the company, which gathered responses from 2,244 college students across five different countries, the majority of those students prefer Macs over Windows PCs. … They see Mac as more modern, intuitive and reliable – and would like to continue to use it as they launch their careers.

Are MacBook pros a good laptop?

It’s a reliable device with excellent performance, as well as the excellence in build quality for which Apple is known. Power users who need a MacBook Pro probably know who they are; the Air should be fine for everyone else.

Why are Macs so popular?

1: The case quality is much better. Also Apple tends to build thinner and lighter laptops. 2: The trackpad is so much better I can’t even describe it. It’s downright depressing to use a Windows trackpad after using apples.

What laptop should I buy for students?

10 Best Laptops for Students in India (October 2021) – Buyer’s Guide

S No. Product Name Price
1 Apple MacBook Air – Gold 97,990
2 HP Pavilion 14-dv0053TU Laptop 66,990
3 Microsoft Surface Go 2 STQ-00013 Laptop 89,990
4 Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop – AN515-56 69,990