You asked: What is the name of the online hub for students to connect with student organizations?

What is the cost for a counseling appointment at the Counseling and Mental Health Center CMHC )?

Individual counseling appointments are $10 but fully subsidized by the university, meaning that students do not pay the charge. Psychiatry appointments are $15 and are subsidized partially; students are responsible for covering $10 of their psychiatry appointment charge.

How do you get involved in UT Austin?

Join a UGS Organization

Join a First-year Interest Group as a freshman. Become a member of the Undergraduate Studies Student Council. Apply to be a UGS ambassador and share your UGS experience with prospective students. After your freshman year, apply to be a FIG mentor.

What activities are offered at UT Austin?

Activities Around Austin

  • Texas Memorial Stadium Tour. …
  • Tower Tour. …
  • Robert Lee Moore Hall Star Parties. …
  • Harry Ransom Center Tour. …
  • The Blanton Museum of Art. …
  • Barton Springs Pool. …
  • Deep Eddy Pool. …
  • The Contemporary Austin.

Who Should students contact to discuss concerns with another individual’s behavior UT?

BCCAL, 512-232-5050, is a 24-hour/seven-days-a-week advice line, providing students, faculty and staff an opportunity to discuss their concerns about another individual’s behavior.

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Does UT have free therapy?

UT’s Anxiety and Stress Clinic offers free therapy for stressed, anxious Texans. … After the three sessions, University students can transfer their therapy to the Counseling and Mental Health Center, which also provides free sessions. Patients who are not UT students can be referred to outside counseling, Feldman said.

What is the big ticket?

For all full-time UT students, this is your single ticket to access ALL of our events (yes, all of them – that’s over 120 home regular season events for our ticketed sports a year for just $175)!

What makes UT Austin unique?

UT is known for its unique history of traditions and legacy of athletics achievements across all sports—particularly in football. University teams have earned 51 national championships since 1949, more than 500 student athletes compete in 20 sports programs, and UT athletes won 13 medals at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Do UT students get free football tickets?

Students. Students must be currently enrolled and assessed the full student programs and services fee to be eligible for the opportunity to purchase student football tickets. Eligible students are not guaranteed a ticket.

What is absolute Texas?

ABSOLUTE TEXXAS is a co-ed student organization that concentrates on 3 aspects: Service, Spirit and Social. Absolute Texxas began in 2004, and has quickly become a distinguished organization on campus. Our core values consist of leadership, integrity, and teamwork.