Your question: Is there a college in Milledgeville GA?

What school is in Milledgeville Georgia?

Georgia College & State University

Former names Georgia Normal and Industrial College (1889–1922) Georgia State College for Women (1922–1961) Woman’s College of Georgia (1961–1967) Georgia College at Milledgeville (1967–1971) Georgia College (1971–1996)
Location Milledgeville , Georgia , United States
Campus Milledgeville

Is it hard to get into Georgia College?

Admissions Overview

Georgia College admissions is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate of 80%. Students that get into Georgia College have an average SAT score between 1110-1260 or an average ACT score of 23-28. The regular admissions application deadline for Georgia College is rolling.

Is Gcsu a good school?

GCU ranks 663rd on’s list of best colleges in America, though its campus and some academic programs ranked higher. The College Learning Assessment put GCU seniors ahead of 86 percent of the other colleges that participated on what students learned between their freshman and senior years, Mueller said.

What is a college ga?

Graduate assistants, or GAs, have the unique dual role: they are both graduate students and research or teaching assistants who contribute to the academic mission of the university.

Is Georgia college free?

If you are a legal resident of Georgia who is 62 or older and are interested in taking undergraduate-level courses, Georgia College offers the Amendment 23 program that allows you to enroll in classes (depending upon available space) tuition free (excluding textbooks, technology fees, and lab fees).

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Is Georgia College and State University a party school?

We are not a party school.